Architectural History

archistArchitectural history is the study of historic buildings, structures, objects, and other aspects of the built environment. These historic resources contain cultural information about their original function and technology, how they have changed over time, and their owners/ designers, all of which are of interest to architectural historians. New South Associates frequently compiles architectural histories aimed at creating inclusive community inventories and presents recommendations for listings on the National Register of Historic Places. Such studies are required for many projects including:

• Architectural surveys/planning studies;

• Historic structure reports;

• Determinations of eligibility and assessments of effects; and

• HABS/HAER documentations.

An architectural history may include photographic documentation, sketch plans, site plans, measured drawings, architectural analysis and description, and comprehensive literature and archival searches. These histories may be completed as part of a community’s desire to understand and preserve its built heritage, as part of a larger historical account of a particular location, as mitigation for a historically significant resource that cannot be preserved, or as support for Section 106 survey requirements prior to beginning construction projects.

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