avondale2The internet has revolutionized the ways in which information is gathered, presented, and accessed, providing a tremendous tool for the public outreach of archaeological resources and historic sites. New South Associates’ graphics specialists and website architects have experience in designing websites that are visually appealing and that mimic an agency’s look when the site is meant to be hosted or linked to our client’s home page. Our staff archaeologists and historians are accomplished at writing web text that highlights the significant aspects of a project, making the past easily understood.

abercornstreetcarNew South Associates has developed and employed websites in a variety of contexts. Websites provide efficient tools for sharing information about an on-going project with the public, without disrupting work in progress. For example, during its excavation of a prehistoric village site on a bridge replacement project, New South Associates developed a project website and domain and posted signs advising passersby of the web address where they could learn more about the project. This site, which was updated as the project proceeded, provided a convenient way of responding to public interest without creating traffic hazards from drivers pulling off the road to ask questions.

Topic and location specific websites can also be developed that provide information on a specific subject or on the history and resources of a community. The internet is a particularly effective way for a community to highlight their history, which provides an attraction for visitors and tourists and can also display the elements that make a community distinctive. Subject matter websites are readily identifiable using search engines, can be linked to other websites on the same topic, and provide an excellent venue for agencies and groups to share their interests and research.

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