Cultural Resource Management Plans

ICRMPNew South Associates has strong experience in developing and updating Integrated Cultural Resource Management Plans (ICRMPs), which are five-year plans for the Department of Defense (DoD) that outline their compliance with the National Historic Preservation Act. An ICRMP is considered a component of an installation’s Master Plan; moreover, it is the basis for cultural resource management and compliance decision-making for the installation commander. Each ICRMP should minimally contain:

• A thorough identification of all legal requirements and procedures related to cultural resource management;

• An identification of all projects within a five-year period that may affect cultural

• A planning survey that includes existing information on cultural resources located on the installation;

• A plan for field inventory and evaluation of new cultural resources located on the installation;

• Provisions for the curation of recovered artifacts and for limiting availability of cultural resources;

• Procedures to ensure Native tribes in the area are provided access to their sacred sites and are consulted in future plans; and

• An estimate of resources required to execute the plan.

Other agencies use Historic Preservation Management Plans (HPMPs) or similar plans in a like context, serving as guiding documents citing specific preservation needs, containing a synopsis of past actions, outlining future actions and potential funding, and setting a date for the plan’s future renewal. The HPMP should be tailored to the needs of the agency or entity that is under study and should reflect consultation with knowledgeable staff about relevant preservation and management issues.

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