J. Javi Vasquez, RPA


Louisiana Office

Phone: (915) 433-4130

Email: jvasquez@newsouthassoc.com

J. Javi Vasquez, RPA serves New South Associates as Archaeologist and Louisiana Branch Manager. Mr. Vasquez received his B.A. in Anthropology with a Geological Sciences minor and an M.A. in Sociology/Anthropology with an Archaeology Thesis from the University of Texas at El Paso. He has eight years professional experience and has worked in Texas and New Mexico, as well as Louisiana. He has directed and reported multiple excavations at Fort Bliss and supports New South Associates with the Fort Polk expansion and other projects in Louisiana and the Southwest. Mr. Vasquez’s research focus is on the Paleoindian and Archaic periods, and he directs a long-term investigation of the Sierra Diablo cave in Texas. In addition to his work in compliance archaeology, he has experience in geoarchaeology. He also has experience in GIS cartography and databases and serves as the database administrator for an interactive, map-based website that provides radiocarbon dates from archaeological sites across Texas and New Mexico.

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