City and County Governments

City and County Governments meet the needs of their communities by managing highway maintenance, refuse collection, recycling facilities, public safety, and utilities, among many other responsibilities. In addition to these basic services, local governments may also require historic preservation initiatives. These may include designating local historic preservation districts, revitalizing or protecting historic districts through design guidelines and ordnances, preparing historic areas for use as green space, inventorying historic properties, managing historic cemeteries, conducting archaeological or historical studies of sensitive areas prior to municipal construction, and developing interpretive displays and exhibits. Tackling these types of projects often requires the services of a cultural resource management firm. New South Associates has the experience working with city and county governments to assist them in meeting the goals of their community.

New South Associates has conducted historic resource surveys of a number of cities and counties across the Southeast. We have developed community preservation plans and GIS databases for city and county governments, allowing historic preservation information to be integrated with community planning. We have surveyed historic resources and developed recommendations on the creation of National Register and local historic districts. We have conducted archaeological and historical studies in support of interpretive park developments. We have completed archaeological studies in advance of city and county construction initiatives in sensitive areas. And we have surveyed and provided restoration and management recommendations for city cemeteries. Examples of these projects include:

• Architectural Survey of Jacksonville’s Murray Hill Neighborhood, Duvall County (Florida);

• Archeological and Historical Investigations of the Proposed Mobile Convention Center Site, City of Mobile (Alabama);

• Countywide Historic Resources Planning Survey, Pinellas County (Florida);

• Archaeological Survey, Historic Context, and Interpretive Brochure for the Battle of Brown’s Mill, Coweta County (Georgia);

• Historic Context and Historic Resources Survey, Horry County (South Carolina);

• Historical and Architectural Survey, City of Gallatin, Sumner County (Tennessee);

• Archaeological Excavations of the Charleston Judicial Center Site, Charleston County Capital Projects (South Carolina);

• Historic Sites Survey, City of Stone Mountain, DeKalb County (Georgia); and

• Old School Cemetery: Mapping, Documentation, Preservation, and Interpretation of a Significant Historic African-American Site, City of Washington (Georgia);

New South Associates is committed to helping city and county governments preserve, protect, and interpret the places, neighborhoods, and stories that make their communities special. We understand how to work simultaneously with community groups and local governments to find solutions to the preservation and planning challenges of the twenty-first century.

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