The development and progressive improvement of our communities is a critical and constant part of a society’s growth. Private developers play a significant role as the risk taker, land developer, and builder, among many other responsibilities. New South Associates knows that for a project to be successful, effective planning is essential – especially in cases where the developer must consider the environmental impacts of the job, including impacts to cultural resources.

Whether it is for a new golf course, a high-rise apartment building, a neighborhood development, or a new dock on the lake, private developers often need the services of a cultural resource management firm. New South Associates has considerable working knowledge of federal, state, and local regulations and permitting requirements, including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers wetlands permitting requirements, which are necessary for construction projects. Many state and local governments also have strict guidelines on cemetery surveys and relocations, and New South Associates is familiar with them all. Examples of some of the many projects we have conducted for developers include:

• Met. Miami Mortuary Archaeology Project, Miami (Florida) for MDM Development;

• Phase II Archaeological Investigations at 9PA124 in Paulding County (Georgia) for Temco Associates, Cousins Properties;

• Phase I Archaeological Survey of 622 Acres and 7.58 miles of Shoreline at the Cliffs at Keowee Springs II Development (South Carolina), for The Cliffs Communities;

• Phase I Archaeological Survey of 1,000 Acres in Paulding County: The Pumpkinvine Neighbors Creek Project (Georgia) for Cousins Real Estate Corporation;

• Phase II Test Excavations in the West Terrace and Main Street Marketplace Tracts at Riverwalk Park, Pigeon Forge (Tennessee) for Riverwalk LLC;

• Historical Documentation: Lindler House and Cemetery (South Carolina) for Bright-Meyers Irmo Associates;

• An Archaeological Examination of the Boundary Between the Bruce Street Cemetery and an Adjacent Parcel in the City of Lithonia (Georgia) for The Red River Group; and

• Phase I Archaeological Survey of the Indigo Harbor Development, City of Darien (Georgia) for S. L. Watson Construction.

New South provides two major strengths to the developer: timeliness and a thorough understanding of the business. Our firm has the experienced, professional staff and resources needed to assure the timely completion of cultural resource projects. The success of our clients has been, and continues to be, the primary objective of the cultural resources consulting work we provide. New South can provide you with a proactive approach to project management, allowing the overall project to stay on time and on budget. Our reconnaissance-level archaeology services provide a quick and cost-effective means to identify potential resource locations and associated costs, allowing developers to incorporate archaeology and history into a project’s planning and design.

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