Historic Preservation Planning

HistpresIt is often important to consider the past when planning for the future. Historic resources and archaeological sites are critical elements of the cultural environment, and land planners and others are recognizing more and more often the importance of heritage sites to community planning, development, parks, and interpretation. Historic preservation planning is also conducted by federal agencies tasked with the management of large landholdings, and is incorporated into other studies and planning activities. New South Associates is a recognized leader in providing historic preservation planning studies including.

• Integrated Cultural Resource Management Plans (ICRMPs) and Historic Preservation Management Plans (HPMPs) and Integrated Cultural Resource Management Plans (ICRMPs). These planning documents are prepared for the Department of Defense, as well as other federal agencies, and offer guidance on the laws, resources, and procedures for addressing archaeological sites and historic resources.

• Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements. New South Associates has developed a national practice of serving as the cultural resource specialists for Environmental Engineering firms tasked with developing EAs and EISs for federal undertakings.

• GIS. New South Associates uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to map resources and develop probability models and alternatives assessments for City, County, State, and Federal agencies.

• City and County Surveys and Contexts. Historic surveys conducted by New South Associates can provide communities with an inventory on which to base future planning decisions and opportunities for heritage interpretation and tourism, as threats to the sensitive resources and legal mechanisms to reduce threats.

• Traditional Cultural Property Studies. New South Associates has experience in identifying and delimiting traditional cultural properties, which are often resources of great importance to a community

• Curation and Collections Management. New South Associates’ curatorial staff works with communities to properly catalog, organize, and curate historic and archaeological collections.


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