Staffstaff2New South Associates has a permanent staff of 71 experienced professionals that are assigned to five departments: ArchaeologyHistory, LaboratoryProduction, and Administration. We also operate the Veterans Curation Program. The President and Departmental Directors manage these departments, while individual projects are managed by Principal Investigators.  New South Associates also provides specialized research programs in Subsistence Studies, Mortuary Archaeology, and Geophysical, and each of these is administered by a Director who draws staff from other departments as needed.

New South Associates’ staff includes 2 PhDs, 29 MAs, and 17 BA degreed personnel.  New South Associates’ team of professionals work together to conduct field studies and research, to analyze data and materials generated, to prepare project reports, to advise our clients on cultural resource issues, and to create interpretive exhibits and websites.

New South Associates’ personnel includes specialists in prehistoric and historic archaeology, history, architectural history, historic preservation planning, physical anthropology, archaeobotany, zooarchaeology, artifact curation, urban archaeology, oral history, the Cold War, cemetery studies, HABS/HAER/HALS documentation, and remote sensing.  GIS Specialists, Graphics Specialist, an Editor, IT Specialists, and Administrative staff support New South Associates’ technical personnel.

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