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In the spring of 2013, archaeologists began the final round of excavations at the Abercorn Archaeology Site, 9CH1205. This was the scene of 18th and 19th century plantations, a community of enslaved and later freed men, women, and children, a railroad depot, and Civil War activities. So what did archaeologists find? What does it mean? What did it tell us? How did they make their discoveries? What are the interpretations based on their research?

Now is your chance to find out! The technical report about the site, African American History in the Shadow of the Oak: Archaeological Data Recovery of Site 9CH1205 is now available for free download. The 659 page report by New South Associates principal author, Brad Botwick and his colleagues contains a wealth of information. This includes information about what archaeological methods were used, historical information about the site through time, the many discoveries archaeologists made, and what was learned from the project. There are 83 tables and 185 figures that help illustrate the 16 chapters of text. While the tome is certainly not light reading, readers can thumb through it and look at sections of interest in greater detail. In addition, archaeologists, historians, and other scholars can use it as an important reference tool when studying similar sites, thus building on our collective knowledge.

Digital copies of this report are available for you to download.

Please visit our “CHILDREN’S BOOK” and “CURRICULUM” pages on this website for free downloadable versions of the Tell Me Tree book and 4th Grade Curriculum associated with the Abercorn Archaeology Site.



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The project report, curriculum, and children’s book were funded by the Georgia Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration through a contract with Atkins and New South Associates. They are based on archaeological data recovery at the Abercorn Archaeology Site (9CH1205) conducted by New South Associates.



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