Children's Book Archaeology Report Curriculum


For nearly 400 years, this live oak tree grew, surrounded by an ever-changing tapestry of life. This ancient oak graces an intriguing archaeological site. When the tree was only a sapling, Native Americans called the area home. As it grew sturdy and tall, newcomers from Europe came to its grounds. Maturity saw the oak surrounded by 18th and 19th century plantations. Even war found the oak during the Savannah Campaign of the American Civil War. What secrets does this mighty oak keep in the soil beyond its roots? Only archaeology can tell.

This massive live oak continues to grow today, with an archaeological site underneath it. Improvements to State Route 204 (Abercorn Extension) and the King George Boulevard interchange are the impetus for the archaeological excavations that will take place here. The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) are sponsoring these excavations around the oak to recover information from this site (9CH1205) prior to construction of the road interchange. This work is required by the National Historic Preservation Act, and plans also provide protection for the live oak during construction.

GDOT and its consultant, New South Associates, will use this website as well as a project Facebook page to share archaeological discoveries with the public. We invite you to visit these pages and to take a tour to see the live oak and watch archaeologists as they uncover and discuss the many fascinating stories the area has experienced over the past 400 years. Excavations began in February, 2013 and were completed in May, 2013. Laboratory analysis, interpretation, and report writing are now underway. Please visit the site's facebook page for more information at Won’t you join us under the live oak?



Georgia State Law Prohibits trespassing on or disturbance of this GDOT work site

[Official Code of Georgia, Sections 12-3-10, and 12-3-80 to 83]

State and Local Law Enforcement Personnel patrol the property