Historic Structure Reports

HSRA Historic Structure Report (HSR) provides a comprehensive description of all aspects of a specific building or structure. The report most often consists of three distinct pieces:

1. History: historical details related to the building or structure, a chronology of events related to the property’s development, a generalized historical context to aid in placing the structure within a broader historical perspective;

2. Architectural Description and Eligibility Assessment: description of resources, methods of construction, architectural details, discussion of eligibility for the National Register of Historic Places; and

3. Physical Condition Description: detailed description of building or structure’s condition and recommendations for treatment.

An HSR may be requested by concerned individuals or entities in order to learn more about a historic resource, to learn how best to preserve and protect the property, or to build a case for nomination to the National Register. Likewise, federal agencies with stewardship responsibilities for a historic property may conduct an HSR to determine the best method of treatment to preserve the building or structure as mandated by the National Historic Preservation Act. Finally, HSRs can be used as the first step in building restoration projects, particularly those seeking to comply with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards and receive tax credits.

New South Associates has experience in preparing HSRs for a range of domestic and institutional building types.

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