Melissa Frederick

Assistant Lab Manager

Veterans Curation Program, St. Louis Lab

Phone: (314) 436-1312 




Melissa Frederick (M.S. in Historical Archaeology, Illinois State University) serves as an Assistant Laboratory Manager in the St. Louis VCP. Her experience is primarily in historical archaeology, focusing on African American slave and protohistoric Cherokee contexts. She has conducted archaeological fieldwork in Illinois, Indiana, and Virginia. In Illinois, she worked as a Field Technician, Crew Chief, and Historic Materials Analyst with the Illinois State Archaeological Survey. After graduate school, she worked with AECOM as a Field Technician on an eighteenth-century site in downtown Indianapolis and as an Archaeologist at James Madison’s Montpelier on antebellum slave dwellings and dependencies. Melissa’s interests include public archaeology and the archaeology of Mississippian, contact period, and African American slave contexts.

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