Julianne Danna

Assistant Lab Manager

Veterans Curation Program, Alexandria Lab

Phone: (571) 312-4717

Email: jdanna@newsouthassoc.com



Julianne Danna (B.A. in History and Anthropology, University of Delaware) currently serves as an Assistant Laboratory Manager in the Alexandria VCP. Julianne is completing her M.A. in Historical Archaeology at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Her thesis research is focused on personal adornment in southern Delaware during the late 17th century. Julianne has completed fieldwork in the Mid-Atlantic and New England, doing geophysical surveys and excavation. She also worked in Iceland, where she assisted in researching the conversion of the Icelandic people to Christianity. Before joining the VCP, she worked as a laboratory archaeologist, and for the National Park Service as an interpreter and museum technician.

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