Ethnography and Tribal Consultation

EthnoNew South Associates offers ethnographic and tribal consultation services to assist clients in fully complying with current historic preservation laws and regulations. The National Historic Preservation Act recognizes the seat of federally recognized Native American tribes at the consultation table and the authority of the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer. In addition to their role in the review of all undertakings with a potential effect on affiliated sites, Native American tribes also possess significant landholdings where project impacts must be taken into account. Evaluating and assessing potential effects of undertakings on tribal lands and culturally sensitive resources requires expertise in ethnographic research to understand tribal customs and landscapes.

New South Associates has experience in ethnography and tribal consultation. We understand the regulatory process and our client’s needs, while remaining sensitive and respectful to Native American tribal culture, values, and traditions. New South Associates’ archaeologists, historians, and ethnographers have worked to provide clients such as federal, state, local, and tribal agencies, public utilities, engineering firms, and the oil and gas industry with quality results. Our staff has also worked with Native American tribes and other groups to identify their concerns and to assure that their interests are taken into consideration during the resource management decision-making process.

New South Associates’ staff has extensive experience in complex and sensitive ethnographic and consultation processes including:

• Archival and ethnohistoric research;
• Preparation of ethnographic overviews and assessments;
• Facilitation and assistance with Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) consultation, including treatment plans and memoranda of understanding;
• Assessment and documentation of Traditional Cultural Properties (TCPs);
• Consultation meeting planning and facilitation;
• Oral History; and
• Identification of culturally sensitive biotic communities.

Our goal is to assist clients in achieving project objectives while completing the regulatory process within budgetary requirements and time constraints.

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