Public Interpretation

PubinterpThe past is a subject of considerable interest to the public, and public outreach offers a range of benefits to communities, installations, and organizations. Studies have shown that a clear sense of history helps to form community identity, which in turn produces a more engaged citizenry. Public outreach and heritage interpretation offer a number of ways to help share history and identity. Heritage tourism is the fastest growing component of the tourism industry, and both archaeological sites and historic properties offer tourist opportunities with considerable potential. Publicly accessible documents including brochures, booklets, histories, and websites can all be used to share history and community and promote a fuller appreciation of the cultural environment.

New South Associates is one of the leaders in the development and presentation of public outreach. We have successfully employed websites, posters and brochures, popular histories, and interpretive panels and exhibits to connect the present with the past. We encourage our clients to explore public outreach whenever feasible, and welcome the chance to work with communities in displaying, interpreting, and promoting their past.

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