Lauren Walls, RPA

Archaeologist and Archaeobotonist

Tennessee Office

Phone: (615) 262-4326




Lauren Walls has been with New South Associates since 2014 and serves the company as an Archaeologist. In this capacity, Ms. Walls is responsible for archaeological surveys and site testing. Ms. Walls received her B.S. in Anthropology with a focus in Archaeology from the College of Charleston and her M.A. in Anthropology with a focus in Prehistoric Archaeology from the University of West Florida. She is a member of the Southeastern Archaeological Conference. Ms. Walls has experience in historic and prehistoric archaeology and extensive experience in laboratory analysis of faunal and floral materials from prehistoric contexts. Ms. Walls has conducted fieldwork and research for a number of clients including several Departments of Transportation, the USDA Forest Service, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and a variety of government and private clients. She has worked in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Nevada.

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