Department of Defense

Safeguarding the nation’s military heritage is a priority of the Department of Defense (DoD). On the bases and properties owned and managed by the DoD lie thousands of pieces of our country’s past—including everything from prehistoric Native American sites to the remains of plantations and family farms, to the examples of our nation’s military and industrial heritage. Many of these later sites tell the story of the Cold War, and as many of these are now approaching or are older than 50 years of age, they are potentially eligible to the National Register of Historic Places. While in some cases the DoD may be able to preserve these sites directly, in other cases, the primary mission may require that older buildings be demolished or sites impacted by new construction. In these instances, archaeological sites may need to be excavated, buildings documented, or historic contexts drafted. New South Associates is well versed in providing these services to the Defense Department.

Our experience in providing cultural resource services to the DoD brings with it a working knowledge of the internal, branch, and service regulations that must be met when conducting cultural resource studies on defense installations. With the DoD’s ongoing program of base realignment and closure and its heightened response to environmental concerns, the need for cultural resource studies at military installations is increasing. New South Associates is ready to meet this demand and has extensive experience providing the DoD with the full spectrum of cultural resource studies, such as archaeological surveys; archaeological site testing; mitigative archaeological data recovery studies; historic architectural studies; HABS/HAER/HALS architectural documentations of historic military buildings; historic overviews; the preparation of Integrated Cultural Resource Management Plans; historic cemetery relocations; consultation with Native American tribes; and the completion of popular histories, brochures, pamphlets, and other documents designed to highlight the military’s stewardship of the nation’s historic and cultural resources. Examples of our experience with the DoD include:

• Fort McClellan, Historic Building Inventory, Cultural Resources Overview, Cultural Resources Assessment, 18 Sites Archaeological Testing, Historic Preservation Plan, Historic Contexts and Popular Histories (Alabama);

• U.S. Army South, Republic of Panamá, Historic Preservation Plan and HABS documentation of Gorgas Hospital;

• Fort Buchanan, Architectural Inventory and Context and Determination of Eligibility for the NRHP (Puerto Rico);

• Moody AFB, Archaeological Survey and Testing of Multiple Sites, Historic Building Survey, and Integrated Cultural Resource Management Plan (ICRMP) (Georgia);

• Beaufort Marine Corps Air Station, Architectural Inventory, Archaeological Survey, Archaeological Testing and Mitigation, Tabby Ruins Site Management Plan (South Carolina);

• Fort Belvoir, Historic Structures Inventory – Engineering Proving Ground, Popular History – EPG, Archaeological Site Testing (Virginia);

• Redstone Arsenal, WWII Resource Study, Lunar Roving Vehicle Track NRHP Eligibility Determination, Carbonyl Iron Plant HABS Documentation (Alabama);

• Pensacola Naval Air Station, Archaeological Monitoring and Phase II Archaeological Testing of a Shipwreck Site (Florida); and

• Hunter Army Air Field, Cemetery Survey and Relocation (Georgia)

New South Associates is very proud of our commitment, history of timely service, and planning recommendations in helping the DoD. Supporting the mission of the Army, Air Force, Navy, and the Marines has always been the primary objective for New South Associates when providing cultural resource consulting work for numerous defense installations throughout the United States and internationally.

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